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A New Environment for Ag Policy

Following a turbulent 2020, which included a global pandemic, hard-fought presidential race and numerous congressional changeovers, the path of U.S. ag policy is likely headed for an adjustment. The “Sonny” sided leadership of USDA and its motto to “Do Right and Feed Everyone” will see the return of the long-tenure of Tom Vilsack. Add in new and retiring ag committee members in Congress, and the future of ag policy feels poised for a reset at the start of this new decade.  ~By Clinton Griffiths, John Herath and Tyne Morgan
Tom Vilsack, who led USDA under former President Barack Obama, has a long relationship with President Joe Biden and served as a trusted adviser on rural issues during his campaign. Credit: Bob Nichols
As President Joe Biden unveils his picks for his leadership positions, a sense of déjà vu is setting in as Barack Obama administration officials are tapped for new positions in a Biden government.
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