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House Democrats mum on support for Madigan

I reached out to several House Democrats who could be considered politically vulnerable in 2022 to ask them how they plan to vote on Speaker Michael Madigan’s reelection in January.
With one exception, I didn’t make much headway.
Much has been made about the number of Democratic women who have said they will not vote to reelect the longtime House Speaker. That’s true, but it isn’t yet a universal opinion.
Democratic Representative-Elect Suzanne Ness (D-Crystal Lake) may have breezed past GOP Rep. Allen Skillicorn by almost 2,300 votes last month, but her district leans Republican, a remap may not help her all that much (particularly if it’s a “Fair Map” and therefore not drawn with partisan intent) and 2022 will be the first midterm election of a Democratic president. Ness ran as a reformer and raised over a million dollars from Madigan’s network. Skillicorn, for whatever weird reasons, barely campaigned and spent almost nothing. She likely won’t get a pass in two years. That January Madigan vote, therefore, looms large.
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