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A Peek Inside the US House Next Year

WELCOME TO MY HOUSE -- Several congressional races have yet to be called, but we’re starting to get a better sense for what the makeup — and dynamics — will look like in the House next year. The big picture? Democrats are on track to have their thinnest majority in two decades. Here are the major storylines you can expect in each party:
IN THE DEM PARTY: It’s all about the Mods versus the Squad. Both factions are already sparring over the party's agenda, what went wrong in the election and who has a bigger mandate to govern. The intraparty warfare continued in a recent interview that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) gave to Laura Barrón-López and Holly Otterbein. “We are not interested in unity that asks people to sacrifice their freedom and their rights any longer,” said Tlaib. The full story:
And with angry centrists aiming their fire at their liberal colleagues, it has taken a lot of the heat off of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which has made her bid for the gavel look safe. And while the math certainly tightens for the speaker with fewer Democrats in the caucus, no one has even stepped forward to challenge Pelosi. Smart piece from Heather and Sarah.
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