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Dicamba Decision Time for EPA: What's on the Table?

As the fall seed-buying season advances, EPA is facing a major time crunch on its dicamba herbicide decisions.
The agency had originally vowed to have a re-registration decision for four dicamba herbicides -- Tavium (Syngenta), Engenia (BASF), XtendiMax (Bayer) and FeXapan (Corteva) -- settled by early fall so farmers could buy their corresponding dicamba-tolerant seed with the certainty of in-season weed control options.
All four herbicides were set to expire in December 2020, but when a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling vacated all but one of those herbicides, EPA's timeline was thrown into disarray. (See more here: )
The agency is now in the process of reviewing new products and new registration applications for two of those herbicides -- Engenia and Xtendimax -- while also still doing its planned re-registration review of Tavium. (FeXapan is the same formulation as XtendiMax, so any future registrations of it depend upon a successful XtendiMax registration, Corteva has informed DTN.)
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