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Dicamba Update

As of this week, the number of formal pesticide misuse complaints filed with the IL Dept of Ag has exceeded 900. Of the 900 complaints, 893 are attributed to agricultural pesticides and of the 893 ag related complaints, 708 are attributed to dicamba.  One interesting fact that IFCA learned is that 488 individuals filed the dicamba complaints this year, and only 46 of those had also filed a complaint last year.  By far, those who filed a complaint this year had never before done so, and it is still mostly farmers who are filing the complaints reporting dicamba symptomology in their non DT soybean fields.  Click on this chart to see the number of pesticide complaints each year going back to 1989.  This is an extremely serious issue for Illinois agriculture, and IFCA thanks the 238 IFCA members who responded to our recent dicamba survey.  Your input has helped tremendously as we work with the IDA and fellow ag groups to devise a stewardship plan of action for the 2020 season.  A decision on dicamba use in 2020 will likely be forthcoming soon, we will keep you posted.