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IFCA Emphasizes 6 Tips For Anhydrous Transport Safety

IFCA has provided the following bulletin late last week:
With the 2019 spring season just beginning, seven ammonia releases have already occurred in the state of Illinois. The latest incident took place yesterday in Beach Park, IL. Beach Park is roughly 50 miles north of Chicago, just near the Wisconsin border. A grower was transporting two side-by-side ammonia nurse tanks behind an ammonia tool-bar with his tractor at 4:30 in the morning when the incident occurred. It was reported that 37 people were transported to the hospital, with up to 7 people listed as being in critical condition.
If the grower is in possession of anhydrous ammonia and a reportable release of 18 gallons or 100 pounds occurs, it is the grower's responsibility to immediately notify the proper emergency personnel.  Although your customers may not want to make the calls, it is their responsibility per federal and state regulations to contact these agencies if the release occurs while they are in possession of the ammonia.  Both IEMA and USEPA have made this very clear.  A written follow-up report is also required and must be sent to IEMA and the LEPC.
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