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Fall Fertilizer Looking ‘More Positive’

According to most market watchers, the Great Recession ended for much of the world approximately five years ago. For the fertilizer marketplace, however, the Great Recession is still ongoing, at least in financial terms.
During 2017 economists estimate that U.S. grower income dropped to $58 billion. Not too many years ago, this figure topped $100 billion. Likewise, commodity prices have remained very low vs. where they stood at the beginning of the 2010s. Not surprisingly, this income pressure has directly impacted ag retailers and their fertilizer sales the past few years.
According to data collected in the 2017 CropLife 100 survey of the nation’s top ag retailers, fertilizer revenue dipped $1.4 billion to $12.1 billion. Furthermore, this downward trend has been the norm for the fertilizer category for the past three growing seasons now.
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