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Uniform Carrier Registration

The Uniform Carrier Registration regulation, known as UCR, requires companies who are engaged in interstate commerce to register with the Illinois Commerce Commission and pay an annual fee based on the number of commercial motor vehicles that cross state lines.  
An excellent fact sheet on the UCR and how it applies in agriculture is available here.  This fact sheet was developed by the Illinois Farm Bureau and we thank them for sharing this information with IFCA.  The IL Commerce Commission is now taking on-line registrations and fee payment for the 2018 year.  The UCR does NOT apply if you are only operating your commercial motor vehicles within state lines.  However, if you report that you have commercial motor vehicles on your MCS-150 report, it should coincide with what you report on your UCR.  The UCR fee is based on the number of commercial motor vehicle power units that you operate in interstate commerce.  Trailers, such as nurse tanks, DO NOT factor in to the UCR fee, but the commercial vehicle power units that pull the nurse tanks, if they cross state lines, do.  
Be sure to comply with this regulation in order to avoid penalties.  If you have questions please contact IFCA.