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Ammonia Nurse Tank Compliance Reminders

Here are a few reminders to ensure your ammonia nurse tanks are in compliance with various laws:
1.  All nurse tanks in Illinois must have a "FT" license plate and current sticker to operate on Illinois public roads.

2.  The "Special Permit" for testing nurse tanks that have missed or illegible data plates expired in February 2011.  The five year testing requirement is now a permanent part of the federal ammonia rules, so the "special permit" no longer applies.  Please remove all NTIP and SP-13554 stickers from ammonia nurse tanks and click here for more details on the requirements for testing and marking your tanks with missing or illegible data plates.  There is a nurse tank inspection course offered by the Asmark Institute and available periodically at the Agricenter in Bloomington, IL, taught by John Rebholz of IFCA.  Visit the "Training" section on our website for future classes.  

3.  Ag retail employees must have either a restricted farm service CDL or a hazmat endorsement on their full CDL to transport ammonia nurse tanks.  In both cases, the person also needs to be enrolled in your company's drug and alcohol testing program. 

4.  Speed Limit:  IFCA, IDA and the State Police promote that nurse tanks not be transported, either full or empty, over 25 mph on public roads.  These tanks are required to be marked with a SMV and they are implements of husbandry as well.  Excessive speed, despite the tire rating, is a leading cause of accidents with nurse tanks.  Slow is the way to go when it comes to safely transporting anhydrous ammonia.  

If you have any questions about ammonia safety please contact John at IFCA, 309.827.2774 or