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Dicamba Rules Proposed in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Agriculture’s proposed administrative rules for the use of Dicamba on soybeans were published in the Secretary of State’s Illinois Register. The proposed restrictions for dicamba use on soybeans are the same restrictions that were required in 2021.
In October 2020, USEPA announced that it had renewed the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act registrations for three dicamba pesticides for growing seasons 2021-2025. Contrary to prior practice, USEPA declared that the only way for states to add safety restrictions to these products is through Section 24(a) of FIFRA, which allows a state to add restrictions through its rulemaking process.
In February 2021, IDOA filed emergency rules detailing additional restrictions for dicamba application on soybeans for the 2021 growing season. Since the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act prohibits state agencies from adopting emergency rules more than once in any 24-month period, the Department is now required to proceed with the permanent rulemaking process.
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