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Fertilizer Concerns Regarding Infrastructure Plan

IFCA has been in discussions with our national association, The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), regarding legislative language that has been put into the major infrastructure bill being discussed in our nation's capitol.  IFCA's concern is the reinstatement of the Superfund Tax on chemicals/fertilizers, which would serve as additional revenue to help pay for the bill.  While the details are still vague and the legislation is still being drafted, IFCA believes the proposal mirrors one that was included in the President’s FY22 Budget which would reinstate, and double, the Superfund tax (ammonia $2.64/ton x 2; phosphorus $4.45/ton x 2; nitric acid .24/ton x 2).
It is important to note that the original Superfund statute provided an exemption for certain substances used in the production of fertilizer; including nitric acid, sulfuric acid, ammonia and methane.  However, it is unclear at this point if the latest proposal would maintain those exemptions or not. 
IFCA is working with TFI and the Illinois congressional delegation to gain additional insight on this proposal.  IFCA will share any new developments as we move forward.  TFI has put a one-page fact sheet together regarding the issue.