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'We've Struck a Deal': Biden Announces Agreement on Bipartisan Infrastructure Spending Plan

After months of negotiations and disagreement, President Joe Biden and the White House announced a deal was reached on an infrastructure spending plan. The news came after a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators Thursday.
"We have a deal," Biden told reporters at the White House after meeting with the group. The announcement was also posted on the President's official Twitter page.
We’ve struck a deal. A group of senators – five Democrats and five Republicans – has come together and forged an infrastructure agreement that will create millions of American jobs. — President Biden (@POTUS) June 24, 2021
While details of the deal weren't outlined, the agreements was reached as senators,known as "Group of 21", visited the White House seeking a bipartisan agreement on an infrastructure bill. The pared down plan is worth $953 billion, with $579 billion in new investments for roads, broadband internet, electric utilities and more.
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