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Biden EPA Asks Court for a Chance to Reconsider Glyphosate Registration Decision

The Biden EPA has asked a federal court for a chance to review and possibly revise parts of the agency's 2020 interim decision to re-register glyphosate (Roundup) while leaving the herbicide on the market.
EPA's request was filed Tuesday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, where it is facing a combined lawsuit from a coalition of farmworker and environmental groups, who are asking the court to vacate the registration of glyphosate entirely.
Specifically, EPA wants to reconsider its analysis of glyphosate's ecological risks and other costs of the herbicide and re-weigh them against the herbicide's benefits. However, EPA was clear in the filing that the agency will not reconsider its analysis of glyphosate's human health risks -- the source of several successful lawsuits against glyphosate's primary registrant, Bayer. The agency says it is standing by its conclusions that, as registered, glyphosate doesn't pose major risks to human health and "believes that this component of its analysis should be sustained by this Court."
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