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How Do You Measure Carbon?

Reading the book Mindset by Carol Dweck transformed the way Tom Oswald thought about farming.
“One of the chapters talked about the difference between what we do and how we do it,” says the Cleghorn, Iowa, farmer. “For thousands of years, we’ve planted crops that harvest sunlight and use water to make something of value that people want or need.”
How farmers do it, though, echoes continuous change. “Sometimes, you have baby-step progress, and then you have leaps,” he says. “There is just some incredible stuff coming, and I think we have proven that we can do more with a less negative environmental footprint.”
Carbon market backers place a new spin on the what we do and how we do it mind-set. It mimics the what-we-do crop production mantra, although carbon is a different crop than conventional ones such as corn, soybeans, and small grains.
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