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GOP Calls Out Pritzker for Backtracking on Maps

Illinois Senate Republicans on Wednesday harshly criticized Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, accusing him of breaking a campaign pledge to support an independent commission to redraw congressional and legislative district maps.
“What I want to say is, the gerrymandering train is on the tracks,” Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie, of Hawthorn Woods, said during a news conference. “It is moving ahead and Gov. Pritzker has considerable power as the chief executive to make his candidate promise a reality.
“If the governor abandons that promise, he abandons the best chance that we have to actually have changed the nature of our politics for not only the next 10 years, but for generations to come,” he said.
Their comments came a day after Pritzker appeared to back away from his 2018 campaign pledge to veto any redistricting maps drawn by legislators, party leaders or their staffs.
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