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Illinois Dems Pushing for Remap Without Delayed 2020 Census Data

Area residents will get their chance this
week to speak out about how new state legislative and congressional maps are drawn this spring.
But they’ll be speaking about an amorphous concept, because there are no maps to review. There isn’t even 2020 Census data on which to base a map. That isn’t scheduled to be released by the Census Bureau until sometime in late August, the Illinois House redistricting committee was told last week. Normally, that information would be available now, but it’s been delayed because of the pandemic.
That creates a problem in Illinois, where the state constitution requires the Legislature to come up with a redistricting plan by June 30. The Illinois Constitution offers some relief in terms of an eight-member commission — also made up of legislators — that would be appointed and have until Aug. 10 to come up with a plan. That also means going without census data.
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