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FieldWatch Looks to Expand its Mapping Efforts as Herbicide Use Grows

Checking for sensitive crops before spraying a herbicide is always a good bet, but for some applicators, it's also the law.
Anyone spraying over-the-top dicamba herbicides is legally required to document that they checked a sensitive crop registry for the area surrounding the field and keep that documentation for two years. While some state- and crop-specific registries exist, for most applicators, this requirement will be met by one company: FieldWatch.
FieldWatch, a nonprofit formed nearly a decade ago to alert applicators to specialty crops, organic crops and eventually beehives, is eager to expand to help row-crop farmers tackle an increasingly complicated landscape of herbicide-tolerant crops. This season, soybean acreage alone will range from 2,4-D-tolerant (Enlist), dicamba-tolerant (Xtend and Xtendflex), glufosinate-tolerant (Liberty Link GT27, Enlist and XtendFlex), as well as glyphosate-tolerant (Roundup Ready 2), organic and non-GMO.
To aid applicators moving through the rapid-fire pace of spring and summer herbicide applications, FieldWatch added a mobile app option four years ago, which allows users to snapshot the time, date and location they checked the registry.
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