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Here’s What Agriculture Wants Out of U.S., China March Meeting

As the U.S. and China enter into the second year of the Phase One trade deal, the U.S. and China are meeting for the first time since President Biden took office. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan are in Alaska to meet with two senior Chinese diplomats.
Mixed messages have circulated about the goals of this meeting. However, leading into the meeting, China announced several sales of U.S. old-crop corn, which racked up to a total of 121 million bushels this week.
Brian Kuehl, executive director for Farmers for Free Trade, says buys or not, a reset between the two countries is needed.
“This is a reset for the U.S.-China relationship, and the Biden team has made it clear what they want to do is look holistically at the relationship with China,” Kuehl says. “I think that's a fair thing for them to do. They are stepping into a new realm. They want to take a look at everything that was done under the Trump administration, and they want to chart their path forward. They don't want to act precipitously. So, this seems like a smart approach.”

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