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Biden Team’s Proactive Outreach to Agriculture Has Farm Groups Optimistic

With only 12 days until the Biden presidential inauguration, agriculture is waiting to see what a shift in power will mean for agricultural policy. There is already optimism sprouting from some agricultural groups, with leaders saying the Biden Administration is taking an extremely proactive approach. 
 “I have been in Washington since Ronald Reagan was President, so I've seen administrations come and I’ve seen administrations go. I have never, ever seen the kind of outreach to agriculture that I’ve seen with the Biden folks,” says Jon Doggett, CEO of National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). “And it isn't one or two calls, it has been multiple calls at multiple levels, across the board and with many different organizations.”
Doggett says he personally received a phone call from Biden’s EPA pick, Michael Regan, just before Christmas. Doggett also says NCGA isn’t alone, and the common theme is Regan and others want to listen to what issues agriculture is facing.
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