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House Passes One Week Stopgap Spending Bill

The House on Wednesday passed a stopgap funding bill 343-67 that would give lawmakers an additional week to come up with full-year spending legislation and avoid a government shutdown later this month.
The continuing resolution would last for one week, setting a new funding deadline of Dec. 18. The Senate must still pass the CR and President Trump must sign it by Friday to avoid a government shutdown, which both are expected to do.
Congressional leaders had expressed optimism they would have time to draft and pass an omnibus appropriations bill to set line-by-line fiscal 2021 funding for every agency before this Friday’s deadline, but several outstanding issues have delayed that process. Among the issues that have held up spending talks are how to fund access to private sector care through the Veterans Affairs Department and spending on a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Congressional leadership is also seeking a compromise agreement on COVID-19 relief funds to attach to the omnibus bill. While momentum has grown for a $900 billion package unveiled with bipartisan, bicameral support last week, hurdles remain over liability protections for businesses that Senate Republicans have insisted be included in the agreement.
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