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EPA Proposes New Bt Crop Regulation to Slow Insect Resistance

Big changes could be coming to Bt corn and cotton management in the years ahead, according to a newly released draft of proposed Bt regulations from EPA.
The agency released a document this week outlining steps it is considering taking to help the agricultural industry slow the spread of Bt resistance in lepidopteran pests such as corn earworm, fall armyworm and western bean cutworm.
The plan proposes phasing out certain Bt corn and cotton products and making changes to seed blends, or refuge-in-a-bag, corn products. It would also change how companies define resistance and respond to unexpected injury reports from farmers, as well as impose stricter penalties for those who don't comply with Bt block refuge requirements.
"Basically, this document lays out the lessons we've learned from 25 years of Bt use, and then says this is the new way to manage Bt crops, based on hard lessons in the past," said Pat Porter, an Extension entomologist with Texas A&M, whose work is cited in the proposed plan.
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