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Amid Legal Limbo, Dicamba Injury on the Rise Once Again

As July gets underway, state regulators, weed scientists, agronomists and farmers are reporting off-target dicamba injury to crops and plants for the fifth summer in a row.
This year, some of the most widespread symptomology and crop injury is being reported in Iowa, where scientists told DTN that weather conditions, court rulings and planting dates combined into a "perfect storm" to produce off-target movement from June dicamba applications.
"It's far worse than past years," said Meaghan Anderson, a field agronomist for Iowa State University, based in central Iowa. "You can tell pretty quickly which soybean fields are not Xtend soybeans in my area, because they are all cupped and puckered up."
Regulators, farmers and scientists from other states, including Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota and Arkansas told DTN that they are seeing off-target injury as well, although it remains too early to know how it will compare to past years.
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