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How will we heal Illinois' agri-food system?

In the midst of a global health crisis, the agri-food sector is pressing forward determined to do what it does best—feed the world. After all, empty grocery store shelves don’t simply restock themselves.
COVID-19, however, is rapidly exposing our food system’s susceptibilities and disconnects. Could this pandemic catalyze a rethinking and transformation of the current centralized model? With an outsized stake in the outcome, Illinois would be wise to consider.
Under normal circumstances, the modern-day food system operates with efficiency via a “just enough, just in time” lean inventory model supported by a global trade system. By design, it provides a diverse array of abundant, low-cost food and agriculture-derived products sourced around the world catered to consumer demands.
Illinois plays an influential role in this globally integrated system. Our fertile farmland and geographic location have transformed the state into a critical production, logistics, and transshipment point of food, feed, fuel, and fiber. We rank in the top 5 nationally in the production of soy, corn, and hogs and are a leader in agricultural and processed food exports. Chicago and its environs are home to leading businesses driving global commodity trading, food processing and manufacturing, food distribution and retail, and supporting services.
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