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Cautious optimism for 2020

The president of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association senses optimism on the ag retail side of things.
“I think their pre-pay seasons for the 2020 crop year were good,” said Jean Payne. “We had a pretty decent fall fertilizer season for both dry fertilizer and ammonia.”
 Payne believes the industry is in a good position from a supply standpoint. We have not seen much of an impact yet on the China situation curtailing imports of generic chemicals that are used in blending here in the U.S.
“The nice thing about the ag industry is we are always ready for spring six months before spring with inventories of inputs for the farmer.”
 Once growers get through the initial spring rush, the re-supply period is critical, which includes side dress and post emergence crop protection products.
“I think everybody is cautiously optimistic about the 2020 year,” said Payne.
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