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Dicamba Complaints Have Long-Tailed Implications

Farmers have been using dicamba over-the-top of soybeans and cotton since 2017. The herbicide is approved through 2020, and this year and next year will weigh heavily on the herbicide’s future.
“The first year with dicamba, 2017, we had 246 dicamba-related complaints,” says Jean Payne, president of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association. “In 2018 we had 330 and in 2019 we’ve had 728 as of now. The big difference now is that we are using it on far more acres and later in the season; very rarely was it used in June and July.”
Illinois is showing the most dramatic increase in complaints year over year. Manufacturers also track complaints. Bayer and BASF both stated they've received fewer complaints year over year regarding dicamba. Bayer had 463 and BASF received 60.
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