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Glyphosate is banned in Austria

Glyphosate is banned in Austria. A report from Dow Jones says legislators there outlawed the key chemical in Roundup. Bayer – which acquired Roundup in its purchase of Monsanto last year – has lost several lawsuits in the U.S. alleging the herbicide causes cancer.
Bayer says regulators, including the U.S. EPA and the European Chemicals Agency, have declared glyphosate to be safe and not carcinogenic. Bayer is currently facing lawsuits from more than 13,000 plaintiffs alleging that Roundup gave them cancer.
Austria is a small market for Roundup, but the ban could complicate Bayer’s efforts to defend its use as safe and environmentally friendly.
Some critics say the Austrian ban is illegal because it came despite glyphosate having been cleared for sale and use in the entire European Union until 2022.
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