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Illinois Cover Crop Incentive Program Gains Popularity

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has set aside $400,000 for a Prevented Planting Cover Crop incentive program.
Brian Rennecker with the department tells Brownfield the program was created to encourage farmers to maintain good ground cover after a challenging planting season. 
“With that you will get a $5 per acre incentive check submitted to you once it has been proven that those cover crops have been planted.”
He says the program covers 75,000 prevent plant acres in Illinois and as of Friday more than half of those acres were spoken for, so he encourages interested producers to act fast.
“I mean if it is tracking the way it is going now, we are actually projecting by this time next week that this program is probably going to be closed.”
Producers can apply at their local FSA or Soil and Water Conservation District office.
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