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EPA Pulls 12 Neonicotinoid-Containing Pesticides

In response to legal action, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is cancelling registrations for 12 pesticides containing neonicotinoid. Cancellations are part of a legal settlement brought forward by environmentalists and bee keepers.
Product cancellations include:
•Meridian 0.20G
•Meridian 0.14F
•Avicta Complete Corn 500
•Adage Deluxe
•Adage Premier
•Emesto Quantum
•V-10170 0.25 G GL Insecticide
•Inovate Seed Protectant
•Inovate Neutral Seed Protectant
•Aloft GC G Insecticide
•Flower, Rose & Shrub Care III
Syngenta, Bayer and Valent each had to cancel products as a result of the action by EPA. The cancellations went into effect on May 20, EPA documents report. Distribution, use or sale of existing stocks outside of provisions for disposition is now a violation of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).
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