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ARA and IFCA Seeks Clarification On Dicamba Label

The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) and Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association (IFCA) has been in support of extending the registration of dicamba and applauded the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) action to extend the registration through 2020. ARA supports the continued use of this new technology and supports label restrictions to ensure the best possible stewardship and use of the product. Following the announcement, ARA received several questions from members and is seeking clarification from EPA on two elements of the new registration guidelines.
The first question is on the scope of the term “certified applicator.” The EPA states, “The products may only be applied by the certified applicator, not by someone under the supervision of a certified applicator …” This narrow interpretation of who may apply dicamba is a significant departure from past practice and may drastically limit the available applicators.
For example, in the state of Illinois alone, there are approximately 5,000 “licensed commercial operators” who were previously able to apply restricted use pesticides under the supervision of a certified commercial applicator. Every three years these licensed operators are required to pass the 100-question core competency (general standards exam) to be licensed as operators in Illinois. In a letter to EPA, ARA has requested these licensed individuals be included as a certified applicator.
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