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How The Non-GMO Project Is Adapting To A Gene-Edited World

Food technology is booming these days. Consumers can go to the grocery store and find apples that don’t brown. In 2019, they’ll be able to shop for plant-based burgers genetically engineered to taste like beef. It wasn’t too long ago that high tech foods were perceived as frightening, but now the public is captivated by the possibility of meatless meat grown in a lab and grapes that taste like cotton candy. At the same time, they’re also buying lots of non-GMO labeled foods and it’s not entirely clear why. If a pink GMO pineapple can win over Instagram, why are sales of non-GMO foods still booming?

Founded in 2007, the Non-GMO Project is a non-profit and non-governmental certifying organization created by the owners of two natural foods grocery stores looking to fill a market niche: a non-GMO food labeling standard. Over ten years later, NGP’s butterfly label is now pretty much everywhere. Between 2013 and 2016, sales of products bearing the verified seal increased by 566%.

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