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CRISPR Will Make GMOs Ubiquitous

Broad access to these technologies is changing the world of research in ways that we can’t even begin to grasp.
Labels multiply in supermarkets faster than salmonella at a convenience-store sushi bar. It’s important to keep up; we should all be well-informed eaters. But the onslaught of clean food, natural products, sustainably produced, gluten free, butterflies everywhere, and GMO-free sea salt are just too much. The average consumer is overwhelmed by all the words and symbols.
It’s about to get worse, because the National Organic Standards Board, the group responsible for the USDA “organic” label, is splintering. There’s a fight between hydroponic producers who want the organic label and more-traditional producers who think hydroponic shouldn’t qualify, as well as disagreement between smaller and larger organic producers. All have their own organizations, sincerely and earnestly arguing over who should qualify for the price premium flowing to organic farmers.
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