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Dicamba debate spreading

A time-worn and dependable weed killer used by millions of farmers for over 40 years has become the bane of rural America that threatens to tear apart family friendships and the social order of a struggling, but peaceful, Corn Belt at light speed.
Dicamba has not only become the story of the year in just a few months, but has the potential to rearrange long-term trends in farm management and even ownership.
For the agriculturally unwashed, dicamba for years has been used as an early season broadleaf herbicide designed to clear a field and then be retired for the season because it would damage desired vegetation.
When Monsanto engineered soybean seed to tolerate dicamba, it ostensibly gave dicamba the new assignment of killing weeds in soybeans, particularly the nearly herbicide resistant Palmer amaranth that was choking out crops wherever it grew.
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