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Additional Dicamba Herbicide Approved for Over-the-Top Use

The company says Engenia reduces drift by 70% compared to Clarity—with a greater reduction when compared to Banvel. It’s still important to read and follow label directions to reduce risk of off-target movement.


“Soybean and cotton growers now have a new tool at their disposal to manage glyphosate-resistant weeds,” said Neil Bentley, director of marketing, U.S. Crop, BASF. The new tool uses a BAPMA salt.


BASF offers the following recommendations for ground sprayers:

•Nozzle Size: TTI11004

•Spray Volume: greater than 10 GPA

•Boom Height: less than 24" above target

•Equipment Ground Speed: less than 15 mph

•Wind Speed: less than 3 mph, don't spray during temperature inversions; from 10 to 15 mph don't spray if wind is blowing toward neighboring sensitive non-specialty crop; don't spray over 15 mph


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