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Herbicide resistances create challenges

“Six Weed Management Predictions to Keep You Up at Night” was among the topics featured at the recent University of Illinois Agronomy Day.
Patrick Tranel, Department of Crop Sciences professor, delivered the bad news of what has happened and most likely will be happening in farmers’ battle with weeds.
“The problem with weeds is that they’re always changing, and the challenges that you’re going to be facing five years from now are probably going to be a little different than the challenges you’re facing right now,” Tranel said.
His first prediction is there is more resistance in pre-emerge herbicides than is realized.
“I’ll focus on the Group 15s — chloroacetamides. Around the world there are five weeds with resistance to chloroacetamide and so it seems like a non-issue. My argument is that it is probably an issue,” he said.
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