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Broad coalition in Iowa to push for sales tax hike targeted at water quality

Iowans would pay higher state sales taxes to finance improvements in water quality and other natural resources programs under a new lobbying initiative endorsed Monday by a group of Iowa business and conservation leaders.
Organizers said they are launching a larger and stronger Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy Coalition that will propose raising the state sales tax by three-eighths of 1 cent in the 2017 session of the Iowa Legislature, which convenes in January. The additional $180 million in state revenue would support initiatives that would include cleaning up the state's dirty rivers and streams, upgrading soil conservation, and enhancing wildlife and outdoor recreation programs.
"Clean water, healthy soils and enhanced natural spaces are not Democrat or Republican ideas, but rather vitally important pieces of Iowa that are directly tied to our economy and quality of life," said Kirk Leeds, chief executive of the Iowa Soybean Association, which is a coalition member.
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