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Farmers Do Their Part to Keep Toxic Algae Out

Lake Erie should be a source of pride for all Ohio residents. It hosts one of the world’s largest freshwater commercial industries. It is a tourist hot spot. The lake generates billions of dollars in revenue for our region.
But Lake Erie is afflicted each year by harmful algae blooms caused by an abundance of phosphorus in rivers, tributaries, and groundwater. Phosphorus occurs naturally and is essential for all life. But as is often the case, too much of a good thing is not good.
Causes of excess phosphorus include wastewater treatment, animal manure, and industrial activity. But the cause that has attracted most of the attention in Lake Erie’s western basin is runoff from fertilized fields.
Farmers and the fertilizer industry are working to do their fair share to address this challenge. We believe the answer lies in programs that are based on solid scientific facts, with the power to produce measurable change.
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