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If GMO's are not the Answer, Then What it?

We live on a finite planet with a human population of 7.2 billion, a number that is increasing by almost 100,000 per day. Given that the world population is expected to increase by another 2 billion people over the next 50 years (in addition to the 1 billion who are currently undernourished), and that food will have to be produced on fewer acres of land with less water, there is a fundamental question that must be asked and answered: If agricultural technology and scientific advances including genetically engineered crops — often referred to as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — are not the answer, then what is?

I submit that the only way the world will be able to feed itself in the future, while reducing the environmental impact on natural resources, is by embracing sound science and the full use of technology, including modern agricultural biotechnology. While we will need to use all of the tools in the toolbox, continuing to develop food crops that produce more, of better quality, on less land with less water, must be part of the equation.

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