Suspicious Attempt To Acquire Phostoxin In Illinois

Earlier this year an unidentified individual contacted an IFCA member in Southern Illinois seeking to purchase the grain bin fumigant phostoxin.  When asked, the caller would not provide his name prompting the company to contact IFCA.  Due to the suspicious nature of the call, IFCA contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  To date, the FBI has been unable to identify the caller seeking to purchase this product. 
Several days ago, a milling plant in Eastern Illinois reported the theft of five packages of phostoxin.  The FBI is seeking industry assistance to report any such suspicious activity concerning attempts to acquire phostoxin, or similar fumigants at your facility to please contact the FBI Springfield Division WMD Coordinator, Special Agent Steffan Nass at 309.314.7001 or at your earliest convenience.