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FREC Reports January 2012

Utilizing Omission And Inclusion Plot Techniques To Increase Yields Of Soybeans And Wheat

Utilizing Inhibitors For Increased Efficiency Of N From Fall Vs. Spring Fertilizer Dap Or App Applications To Corn In A Corn-Soybean Rotation

The Practice of Fall Applied Nitrogen: Farmer Reactions with Fall Nitrogen Restrictions

Residue Management and Nitrogen Response in Continous Corn

Nitrogen Management of Corn as Affected by Timing of Weed Control and Nitrogen Application

 frec_herb_nrate11.pdf (207.69KB)

Improving Input Use Efficiency in High-Yielding Corn Systems

Fertilizer Management of Winter Canola in Illinois

 frec_canola11.pdf (228.31KB)

Evaluation of Phosphorus and Potassium Fertility for Strip-Tillage and No-Tillage Corn-Soybean Cropping Systems

Corn Response to Sulfur in Illinois

Assessing the Effect of Corn Hybrid and Plant Population on Nitrogen Response